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Client:  Vendor of factory floor equipment
Project:  Redesign of hardware and software user interface

“Thank you Thank you Thank you! . . . for the very successful work you did for us on the [product].  I launched the new design in the fall and have placed or have orders for 30 units so far.  The operator interface is a big hit with customers.  Quotes like ‘This is what I have been asking for’, ‘This is simple to run and understand’ are very common. In fact, we just got a large order Friday (over $600K) and one of the two reasons we got he order was because of the [operator interface] . . . Thank you again, you have breathed new life into a once struggling product.”

and later:

“By the way, all the work you did with us has yielded over $8.0MM worth of work……Thanks again!!!”

Client: Commercial software vendor
Project: Application UI heuristic evaluation

“Just wanted to let you know I got an update on the project from the business unit leader . . . this morning. They are extremely grateful for your assistance. [name] has told him she feels your contributions have made a huge difference. While I know the UI is still a little bit of a work in progress, its looking like this will be a critical success for us in this new market. Thanks for all your patience, hard work, and diligence.”

and later:

“Deborah has helped my team on critical projects at [company] and [company]. Due to her decades of experience, she is able to quickly jump in and improve the project design in situations where other consultants would be ineffective. She is the UI consulting world’s equivalent of “special forces.”

Client: Government agency
Project: User research, user interface design, usability testing, and design of instructor and user manuals, for web-based database and document management software application

After the first training session, the project manager emailed that users were “. . . very excited.  They thought the system was very intuitive!  Thank you soooooo much!”

and later:

“I had several comments about how user friendly the design was, and how well laid out the accompanying materials were . . . the comments were very positive . . . It’s too bad you couldn’t be there to enjoy the positive feedback . . . “

and later:

“I actually have been meaning to e-mail or call you to let you know some of the comments I have gotten on the database. One agent said that it was intuitive enough that even though she didn’t know exactly where to navigate she could figure it out quickly by checking out a few buttons. So far there doesn’t seem to be a lot of intense manual searching needed. The pilot application really hasn’t been out very long – but so far so good!”

Client: Software vendor
Project: Heuristic evaluation and redesign of web-based developer tool service

“Deborah did a great analysis and design recommendation work for the UI of our [application] hosted service . . . We finally finished implementing many of those recommendations . . . She helped us build a great interface and worked well even while remote. “


“I worked closely with Deborah during her usability and user interface design engagement with [company]. Deborah is the consummate professional, a clear leader in her field and a pleasure to work with. The award-winning [application] benefited from Deborah’s insights and recommendations.”

Client: Large bank
Project: Heuristic evaluation and redesign of Intranet application

“As a result of your invaluable usability [consulting] and after several internal discussions, we have come up with some mockups to improve the usability of [application]. We have decided to introduce your proposal in a phased manner with some improvements. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.”

Client: Insurance Company
Project: Coaching client staff on the Usability Engineering Lifecycle and usability techniques

The project manager entered the project in a national contest and won first prize, based primarily on the user-centered design approach taken and the success of the final application in the user organization.  She wrote:

“Deborah helped us understand what usability is & how to practically apply usability techniques. She was a talented consultant and teacher and ensured knowledge was left with us after the engagement. The application we worked on won the inaugural CIO Canada ITX (Information Technology Excellence) award. Deborah was wonderful to work with, highly productive and had fast deliverable turnaround.”

Students and Readers

The links below will take you to online course descriptions or the Amazon page for a book.

Client: Online course subscriber
Online Course: Designing for Productivity in the User eXperience

“In today’s world of ROI it’s indeed very important to design for efficiency and not only for beauty. When you are able to combine both, you have the best possible skillset. This course will not teach you about designing for beauty but will definitely give you tools how to design for efficiency and save or make money with it.”

Client: Online course subscriber
Online Course: Web Usability Made Simple

“The science behind UX.  User interface, a vast subject but more and more important as we use more handheld electronic devises to get by in our lives. This course takes a detailed look at the problem and points out the mistakes made and it is amazing what you come to realise when the instructor points it out.”

Client: Online course subscriber
Online Course: Introduction to Web and eCommerce User eXperience Design

“Very good starting basic for UX design.  I think this course is great for people like me. I am not website designer, not that kind of technical person. This course has given me the very basic things to watch when asking people to design website for me. Thanks Deborah!”

Client: Large bank
Live Course: The Usability Engineering Lifecycle

” . . . hearing good comments in the hallways, during the day . . . Evaluations suggest people thought the workshop was excellent – and too short! All attendees would be very happy to see you return to work with us on specific UE projects as well as helping us to craft our UE process.”

and later:

“Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I had lots of very good feedback on the workshop. The people attending really appreciated how you approached the subject, particularly since we are trying to realign our technology to support business and the way people work. Your life cycle strategy is a good fit to how we are realigning the way we support the bank.”

Reader: Software Developer
Book: The Usability Engineering Lifecycle

“This book is very well written, content-rich and provides a plethora of examples that I can use on the job immediately. What more can a software developer ask for? I would give it 10 stars if the option was available.”

Reader: Usability Professional
Book: The Usability Engineering Lifecycle

“A great book for every Usability practitioner. Not only did I find the content of this book very informative and very useful, but in particular I liked the structure of the book and found it extremely usable. Each chapter contains context information at the beginning of the chapter, an out line of the chapter, summary notes on the side bar for quick review, sample techniques and forms, war stories, estimation of resources required to complete each step, etc.  This structure makes the book one of the most usable books I have ever used, and therefore one of the most useful companion in designing the user interface.”

Reader: Reader
Book: Cost-Justifying Usability

“The Bible of Usability ROI. Everyone involved in usability needs a highlighted, or bookmarked with post-it notes, copy of this book. Its always powerful to back up how important usability is to others who are unfamiliar with its power, be it your team or a client, and this book shows you how to do figure out the return of investment with dollars, something everyone understands. Overall, it gets the point across by showing readers how to do it for themselves with formulas that are not all that difficult at all, and where to pull numbers from to calculate the ROI.”

Reader: Reader
Book: Cost-Justifying Usability

“If you are looking for help with quantifying the cost of bad interface design and/or how poorly designed application costs the company money, then this is the book for you.  This book is practical and right on target for helping IT groups and customers understand the importance of systems that allow work to be completed efficiently. The authors do a great job quantifying the cost of poorly design, unusable system.  If you have ever tried to demonstrate to an IT group that it is more costly not to change the system, then this book will give you the strategy for showing how investing in system changes actually costs less in the short term, than in the long term.  End users will cheer anyone who applies the information in this book to the applications they use.”

Reader: University Professor
Book: The Usability Engineering Lifecycle

“I just wanted to let you know that I am planning to use your book in my course on human computer interaction next quarter. . . While I have taught this course for several years I have always had a problem finding a good book for the course because most books focus on research and theoretical issues rather than practice. I always end up having to use multiple books and references.  I have been examining your book and think it will work well.”